Automatic Powder Bagging Line

  • 25kg powder bagging machine

    25kg powder bagging machine

    This 25kg powder bagging machine or called 25kg bag packaging machine can realize automatic measurement, automatic bag loading, automatic filling, automatic heat sealing, sewing and wrapping, without manual operation. Save human resources and reduce long-term cost investment. It can also complete the whole production line with other supporting equipment. Mainly used in agricultural products, food, feed, chemical industry, such as corn, seeds, flour, sugar and other materials with good fluidity.

  • Baler machine unit

    Baler machine unit

    This machine is suitable packing small bag in to big bag .The machine can automatic made the bag and fill in small bag and then sealing the big bag . This machine including the bellowing units:
    ♦ Horizontal belt conveyor for primary packaging machine.
    ♦ Slope arrangement belt conveyor;
    ♦ Acceleration belt conveyor;
    ♦ Counting and arranging machine.
    ♦ bag making and packing machine;
    ♦ Take off conveyor belt

  • Degassing Auger filling machine with online weigher

    Degassing Auger filling machine with online weigher

    This model is designed mainly for the fine powder which easily to spout dust and high-accuracy packing requirement. Based on the feedback sign given by below weight sensor, this machine do measuring, two-filling , and up-down  work ,etc. It is specially suitable for filling additives, carbon powder, dry powder of fire extinguisher, and other fine powder which needs high packing accuracy.

  • Powder filling machine with online weigher

    Powder filling machine with online weigher

    This series powder filling machines can handle weighing, filling functions etc. Featured with real-time weighing and filling design, this powder filling machine can be used to pack high accuracy required, with uneven density, free flowing or non free flowing powder or small granule .I.e. Protein powder, food additive, solid beverage, sugar, toner, veterinary and carbon powder etc.

  • Automatic Weighing & Packaging Machine

    Automatic Weighing & Packaging Machine

    This series of heavy bag packaging machine including feeding-in, weighing, pneumatic, bag-clamping, dusting, electrical-controlling etc incorporate automatic packaging system. This system normally used in high-speed, constant of the open pocket etc fixed-quantity weighing packing for solid grain material and powder material: for example rice, legume, milk powder, feedstuff, metal powder, plastic granule and all kinds of chemical raw material.

  • Envelope bag flag sealing machine

    Envelope bag flag sealing machine

    Working process: hot air pre-heating for inner bag—inner bag heat sealing(4 groups of heating unit)—roller pressing—packet folding line—90 degree folding—hot air heating (hot melt glue at folding part)—roller pressing